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Black Jail - Play Party Bizarre 26 am 27.10
Black Jail - Play Party Bizarre 26 am 27.10
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§ 1 Area of application

For the business relation between Fetish Shop to 24 and the customer are considered exclusively the following General terms of trade in their lamp holder valid at the time of the order. Fetish Shop 24 does not recognize divergent conditions of the customer, unless, Fetish Shop 24 would strictly have agreed in writing to their validity.

§ 2 Contract ends and resignation

Le magasin 24 de Fetish lie pour accepter lß'ordre du client aux conditions du website. Avec l'écriture, la pression et les erreurs de râteau sur le magasin 24 de Fetish de website a droit à la démission. Si le fournisseur du magasin 24 de Fetish ne fournit pas malgré le magasin 24 de Fetish d'engagement contractuel avec les marchandises commandées, le magasin 24 de Fetish a droit également à la démission. Dans ce cas-ci le client est informé immédiatement au sujet du fait que le produit commandé n'est pas disponible. Le prix d'achat d'achat déjà payé est remboursé immédiatement. Le client peut retirer sur la partie dans l'écriture (aussi par E-mail) ou par le retour des marchandises dans un délai de deux semaines le contrat. On le précise que le magasin 24 de Fetish peut rejeter au besoin un par l'introduction de la chose un retrait. Des préparations sont exclues de la conversion. En outre, notre garantie de retrait est considérée.

§ 3 Deliveries

Provided that does not agree in a different way, the delivery takes place from camp to the address of delivery given by the customer. Information about the delivery deadline is noncommittal, untill exceptionally the date of delivery was promised in writing. Please, pay attention to that dates of delivery are dependent on the working time of the logistics firms (German post, UPS, Fedex etc) and can not from Fetish Shop 24 affected.

§ 4 Maturities and payment, delay

The purchase price becomes payable immediately with order. The customer can pay the purchase price by credit card, check or cash on delivery. If the customer comes to default, Fetish Shop 24 is entitled to demand interests on arrears to the amount of 5% about the base interest rate sentence announced by the German Central Bank p.a. Fetish Shop 24 a higher delay damage provably has appeared,Fetish Shop 24 is entitled to assert this.

§ 5 Compensations, keeping back

A right to the compensation is only entitled to the customer if his counterclaims are stated validly or are recognized by Fetish Shop 24. Besides, he is authorized to the exercise of a keeping back right only in this respect, when his counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship.

§ 6 Retentions of title

Up to entire payment of all claims existing against the customer remains the supplied goods in the property of Fetish Shop 24.

§ 7 Lack guarantees and liability

Fetisch Shop 24 lack to be represented of the purchase thing is present one of Fetish Shop, the customer can require alternatively correction of faults or substitute delivery. If Fetish Shop 24 is not able to the correction of faults because of uncommensurability ready or not or is delayed this about appropriate terms out for reasons of which has to represent Fetish Shop 24 or the correction of faults / ersatzlieferung misses in other way, the customer is entitled after his(its) choice(election) to withdraw from the contract or to require a corresponding decrease of the purchase price.

So far itself below nothing else proves, further claims of the customer - are immediately expelled from which legal arguments. Therefore Fetish Shop 24 is not responsible for losses which have not appeared in the subject of delivery themselves. Particularly Fetish Shop 24 is not responsible for escaped profit or for other property losses of the customer. As far as the liability of Fetish Shop 24 is expelled or is limited, this is also considered to the personal liability of employees, representatives and fulfillment assistants.

Preceding restriction of liability is not considered, as far as the damage cause is based on intention or coarse negligence or a personal damage is present. She is not considered farther when the customer asserts claims from §1, §4 product liability laws, claims because of the absence of a guaranteed quality or claims for compensation because of non-fulfillment in accordance with §463, §480 paragraphs 2 Civil Code. The same is considered with initial inability or impossibility to be represented.

Provided that Fetish Shop 24 hurts negligently a contract-essential obligation, the obligation to indemnify is limited for damage to property to the typically appearing damage.

The guarrantee amounts to 24 months, counted from delivery. This term is a period of limitation and is also considered(applies) to claims to substitute of lack secondary damages, as far as no claims from unauthorised business are asserted.

§ 8 Data securities

The customer has been informed about sort, range, place and the purpose of the elevation, processing and use for the execution of orders, the registration to the E-mail-notification-service, the transmission of an on-line review required personal data by Fetish Shop 24 in detail (see " private sphere and data security "). The customer agrees to this elevation, processing and use of personal data strictly.

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